“David Turner has looked after our property in Provence for over 4 years. His contract covers maintenance of the pool, surveillance of the house and project management.

His work is highly reliable and of a professional standard. I would not hesitate in recommending him to new clients.”

John & Anne Cotton

” [Building Management] When we embarked on a new house build, we quickly realised that we would need the help of a knowledgeable project manager. Fortunately we got in touch with Turner Property. David had expertise in French building practice and was also able to recommend some of the best and reliable artisans in the area. Whenever there was an issue, David was on site and the problem was quickly resolved. We have no hesitation in recommending Turner Property as they were fundamental to the success of the project.

[Property Management] It can be a daunting experience renting out your house during the holiday season. It’s fundamental that you have a totally reliable company that can handle just about any aspect of client and property management. Turner Property did a great job for us at our house in Lorgues. Whether there was a problem with the pool or difficulty in lighting the barbeque, they were promptly on hand. Our holiday clients were never let down throughout the summer period. What’s more we were relieved from all the stress and hassle.”

Ken and Diana Baynton

Telephone : 33 (0)608 467 594
Email : info@turner-property.com